The Payfone Identity Certainty Platform

Introducing Payfone Identity Certainty Platform, a seamless method of adding trust to each and every interaction with Identity Certainty. Based on the Payfone Signature, the first trusted mobile identity that can’t be forged, cloned, spoofed, hacked or deleted.

Payfone’s new Identity Certainty platform is the culmination of expertise gained from strategic relationships with the Top Mobile Network Operators, US financial institutions and experience from real world testing with some of the largest businesses in the world.

Identity Certainty Platform removes the friction through a secure, invisible, always-on approach that eliminates the need for consumers to answer calls, respond to messages, receive one-time passwords, download applications or perform any action to access to sensitive business data, ultimately providing breakthrough customer experiences. 

Payfone’s Identity Certainty platform has more than 300M mobile identities under management, adding trust to each mobile identity through the application of the Payfone Signature, a deterministic, revocable mobile ID that persists more than 400+ different kinds of life cycle events.  Each day, Payfone processes over 8 million of these events across Mobile Network Operators that range from phone upgrades, changes in phone numbers, reporting a lost or stolen phone to the porting of service to a new Mobile Network Operator, ensuring that each mobile identity can be trusted.


The Payfone Signature is a deterministic (not a guess) trusted mobile identity that cannot be forged, cloned, spoofed, or hacked.  Through a unique relationship with the Tier 1 Mobile Network Operators, the Payfone Signature leverages data directly from the Mobile Network Operator to permanently bind, verify, and subscribe to mobile identity at the account level – to generate a persistent mobile ID.

Through unparalleled visibility across Mobile Network Operators, the Payfone Signature resolves the difficulty businesses face in determining identity certainty to provide personal, secure and frictionless access to information and services tailored to the correct individual.

The Payfone Signature cannot be broken...

Payfone Signature - A Deterministic Mobile Identity


The Payfone Signature is the only trusted mobile identity to leverage data directly from the Mobile Network Operator to permanently bind, verify and subscribe to mobile identity at the account level – to generate a persistent mobile ID analogous to government-issued credentials.

Payfone Signature - A Persistent Mobile Identity


The Payfone Signature moves with an individual providing a continuous link to all account changes across Mobile Network Operators to ensure each and every interaction is secure.  All changes are managed behind the scenes to ensure that the proper signature is assigned each and every time.

Payfone Signature - A Revocable Mobile Identity


The Payfone Signature allows a business’s employees or their customers to revoke access to applications and services to a mobile device if it is lost or stolen, or even newly purchased with a simple call or visit to the Mobile Network Operator for a true peace of mind.  IT intervention is no longer needed.

Identity Certainty, Payfone Signature Recognition


Payfone's Identity Certainty Platform and Payfone Signature were recently recognized by Fierce Markets as the leader in Identity Certainty in 2014 Fierce Innovation: Telecom Edition Awards