The Payfone Signature is the only trusted mobile identity to leverage data directly from the Mobile Network Operator to permanently bind, verify and subscribe to mobile identity at the account level – to generate a persistent mobile ID analogous to government-issued credentials. 

The Payfone Signature moves with an individual providing a continuous link to all account changes across Mobile Network Operators to ensure each and every interaction is secure.  Account changes include new mobile devices, SIM changes, switching Mobile Network Operators (porting), phone number changes, name changes and everything in between – all changes are managed behind the scenes to ensure that the proper signature is assigned each and every time.

Payfone’s Identity Certainty platform has more than 300M mobile identities under management, adding trust to each mobile identity through the application of the Payfone Signature, a deterministic, revocable mobile ID that persists more than 400+ different kinds of lifecycle events.  Each day, Payfone processes over 8 million of these events across Mobile Network Operators that range from phone upgrades, changes in phone numbers, reporting a lost or stolen phone to the porting of service to a new Mobile Network Operator, ensuring that each mobile identity can be trusted.