The Payfone Signature is a deterministic (not a guess) trusted mobile identity that cannot be forged, cloned, spoofed or hacked.  Through a unique relationship with the Tier 1 Mobile Network Operators, the Payfone Signature leverages data directly from the Mobile Network Operator to permanently bind, verify and subscribe to mobile identity at the account level – to generate a persistent mobile ID analogous to government-issued credentials. 

This global unique Identifier, or GUID, does not carry identifying information and is not considered PII data – is permanently bound to the subscriber and moves with an individual providing a continuous link to all account changes across Mobile Network Operators to ensure each and every interaction is secure.  Account changes include new mobile devices, SIM changes, switching Mobile Network Operators (porting), phone number changes, name changes and everything in between – all changes are managed behind the scenes to ensure that the proper signature is assigned each and every time.

Payfone Signature

Based on SIM Card Security, the SIM Card is governed by a set of universal standards and one of the most populous and unique IDs in the world.  SIM cards are inherently secure, running out-of-band SS7 and NIST Level 4 protocols with credentials that are encrypted with keys possessed only by the Mobile Network Operators.  This security is the same security used by Mobile Network Operators to authenticate and identify subscribers within their mobile networks, successfully underpinning $1 trillion dollars in transactions annually.