why make it harder for your customers to do business with you?


If you still require consumers to type anything to complete a form, whatever kind of form, it’s time to start rethinking your approach to mobile. It could be the difference between a new customer and a lost opportunity. 

the challenge

The average registration form can take up to 300 keystrokes to complete.  That’s not including the time and effort required for email address verification.  Now imagine completing the same form on a mobile device — that is the definition of pain.  Yet, that is the experience most businesses provide their potential customers on mobile devices.

the solution

Through partnerships with Mobile Network Operators (MNO), Payfone Sign Up has the unique ability to auto-fill a consumer’s name, address, mobile number as well as email address on-file with their MNO.   All with the simple in-line consent from the consumer that only works if the mobile device is in good standing and not lost or stolen.

how it works

After a simple integration between your mobile registration web page or mobile app and Payfone APIs, you are ready to go.  Now when a potential consumer shows up on your mobile property, Signature Sign Up verifies their eligibility. If the verification succeeds, the consumer can opt-in to auto-fill of the registration form.  If eligibility criteria is not met it is “business as usual.”

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