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Mike Brody


Mike Brody is a co-founder of Payfone and was the company’s head of finance and head of product. Prior to Payfone’s formation, Mike was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at RRE Ventures.

Mike was part of the founding team of the African Leadership Academy, a start-up pan African secondary school, dedicated to improving Africa’s leadership through educating future native leaders of Africa. Previously, Mike worked for PIMCO Funds (now Allianz Global Investors). Mike joined PIMCO after working for GenuOne, a Boston-based start-up specializing in tracking solutions to protect consumer goods companies against counterfeit and unauthorized distribution.

Mike holds a BA in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Harvard College and an MBA in Finance from Columbia Business School. Mike is an avid runner and was a competitive boxer for several years through the 2004 New York Golden Gloves.

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