• Turn convenience into conversions by pre-filling forms with 1 click
  • Convert new users in as little as 30 seconds
  • Friction-free user experience secured by the leading anti-fraud tech

How many clicks does it take?

With Identity Pre-Fill, you can convert a user in as little as one click. How many steps is your current flow?

Unrivaled Security

A safer experience that is also more friction-free.

The Most Matches

Payfone can match the most mobile and identity data thanks to our unrivaled next-generation matching algorithms.

Sample Experience

A user applies for a credit card via their mobile phone. This flow is configurable to fit your needs.*

  1. A user navigates to your website.
  2. Payfone initiates an eligibility check (using Identity Eligibility) to confirm that the user is eligible for Identity Pre-Fill. This is performed silently behind-the-scenes (using Instant Authentication for Mobile).
  3. If eligible, the user is prompted for consent to pre-fill their information and prompted for last 4 of social to confirm.
  4. Payfone applies matching algorithms (using Identity Pre-Fill) to pre-fill information.
  5. The user completes their application and can opt to send their new card directly to a mobile wallet for immediate use.

*Note: This experience flow applies to customers who are not using WiFi.

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