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With Identity Pre-Fill, you can convert a user in as little as one click. How many steps is your current flow?

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Make it as fast and easy as possible for users to sign up. Contact us to try our demo for yourself.

The Most Coverage

Payfone has the most mobile and phone number identity coverage with the most sophisticated matching algorithms.

Sample Experience

A user applies for a credit card via their mobile phone*

  1. A user navigates to your website.
  2. The user is asked for consent to pre-fill data.
  3. User is prompted for last 4 of SSN to confirm consent.
  4. Payfone fetches data and applies matching algorithms to fetched data (fuzzy matching, gender, inversions, old but valid addresses, householding for family plans).
  5. Fields are pre-filled for user's convenience. The user completes their application and can opt to send their new card directly to a mobile wallet for immediate use.

*Note: This experience flow applies to customers who are not using WiFi.

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