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Did You Know?: Why The Trust Gap Hinders Company Growth

May 3, 2019
Payfone, passability, pass rate, did you know, digital trust

Did you KNOW?

  • The fear of identity fraud creates a Trust Gap between your best customers and your brand.
  • These fears can drive enterprises to build friction into the customer experience, driving higher OPEX, lower customer satisfaction, depressed conversions and lower LTV.
  • It is time to reverse this trend. It is time for Trust.
  • How? The trade-off between security and customer experiences is no longer necessary. Enterprises can achieve higher pass rates to greenlight more customers without step-up authentication.
  • Results we have achieved for enterprises are >80% pass rates (compared to 40% before Payfone) with higher approval rates. Costs to authenticate have dropped from $20/year/customer to $1.00/year/customer.
  • Payfone leverages signals from authoritative verifiers to prove definitive identity and thwart account takeover and synthetic identities.

How can you benefit from this?

If your company is looking for higher conversions, higher engagement, higher margins, and customer loyalty, contact us to discuss a proof-of-concept pass rate study.

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