Rodger Desai is Chief Executive Officer of Payfone, Inc.  Previously, Rodger served as co-founder and CEO of Rave Wireless, Inc.  Rave’s location-based safety service is now deployed at over 1,000 universities, towns and cities.
Prior to Rave Wireless, Rodger was co-founder and CEO of the Vettro Corp., an innovator in mobile banking and brokerage, location-based dispatch and J2ME applications.
Rodger started his career as an executive in Accenture’s telecom practice after engineering management positions at ExxonMobil and GE.  He has also assisted in initiatives that leverage the use of mobile phones in emerging markets for social causes, such as disease surveillance in Iraq, and micro-finance programs in Asia.  Rodger currently serves as an adviser to Inmar, Inc. and Kik Interactive, Inc.

Rodger graduated from RPI and attended the Harvard Business School.