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Payfone CEO Rodger Desai Weighs in on the iPhone X’s Face ID Facial Recognition Technology

September 14, 2017
digital identity verification

One of the highly-anticipated iPhone X‘s most interesting new features is Face ID, the ability to unlock the phone using facial recognition software. But what would happen if your phone fell into the hands of an “evil twin” with nearly the same face as you? TIME Magazine reporter Aric Jenkins asked Payfone CEO Rodger Desai to weigh in:

But ultimately, you may not have to worry about an evil twin because other forms of authentication for the iPhone could emerge, according to Rodger Desai, CEO of mobile authentication provider Payfone. Technology that can recognize how you hold your phone and type can properly identify ownership, he said.

“The larger problem is fraud for when the twin will pretend it happened when it didn’t,” Desai added. “And just like a credit card, if I say it was fraud one time, the company will forgive. But do it three times in a row and they’ll cancel it.”

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