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Payfone’s CEO, Rodger Desai, is presenting at Tearsheet’s Embedded Conference in NYC on Tuesday, November 19th. The discussion will focus on the most consequential trends and challenges in the industry around lack of trust, the growth of fraud and the power of phone intelligence. Rodger will provide multiple use cases on how enterprises can definitively validate identities, improve pass rates with reduced friction, and increase customer satisfaction by leveraging real-time telecom signals as a proxy for individuals’ digital identity.


Presented by Tearsheet, The Embedded Conference is a first-of-its-kind event that brings together financial institutions, technology players, and other firms getting into financial services for the first time. It isn’t about banks vs. non-banks — the Embedded Conference is about collaboration and tapping into the best each player in the ecosystem can offer.

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During the last week of October, Payfone was onstage multiple times at Money 2020, one of the largest conferences where the financial services industry congregates to connect and create the future of money. During the event, we had a chance to engage with our customers, meet with partners and new prospects, and take part in key industry conversations. Payfone’s CEO, Rodger Desai spoke with industry leaders in two fireside chats about relevant topics – the customer experience, Pass Rates and Trust Scores.

Rodger joined Carol Juel, Synchrony’s EVP and CIO, to discuss the merging of physical and digital worlds to ensure fast and easy payments and the new ways the transformation of the payments industry will have on consumers and businesses. The discussion revolved around how trust is at the core of delivering fast, easy and secure customer experiences and the importance of pass rates. During this chat, Carol referenced Synchrony’s partnership with Payfone with complimentary shout-outs “Payfone is a shining example of how work gets done” and “the opportunity to work with Payfone brings trust to another level.”  Thank you, Carol!

Rodger was joined onstage for a fireside chat with Mastercard’s Rob Carter, Director, Product Development & Innovation, Cyber & Intelligence Solutions, about “The Trust Gap” whereby approval rates of card not present transactions are 25% lower than card present transactions. The discussion revolved around this phenomenon that hinders the customer experience, stunts revenue and increases operating costs. Practices that enterprises can follow to reverse this Trust Gap were discussed.

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Introducing the Trust Platform, a meaningful differentiator for brands

NEW YORK (January 24, 2019) – Payfone, the world’s leading digital identity authentication network, today announced the launch of the Trust Platform, a first-of-its-kind digital authentication platform. The Trust Platform enables enterprises to increase customer satisfaction with faster, frictionless and fraud-free customer experiences across all channels.

Payfone developed the Trust Platform to address a major challenge for leading financial, healthcare, technology, retail and insurance companies. Currently, a ‘trust gap’, a void in real-time identity information, forces businesses to treat all of their customers with increased suspicion and friction.

The Trust Platform enables forward-looking enterprises to finally overcome the tradeoff between security and user experience by leveraging Payfone’s patented, deterministic technology. Key elements which efficiently close the ‘trust gap’ include a tokenized Payfone ID, an enterprise-specific Fonebook, and the Payfone Trust Score, a real-time number which quantifies the level of confidence in a consumer’s identity. The Trust Score allows brands to deliver a VIP express lane experience to over 90% of their customer base by confidently answering the critical question, “Is this customer who they claim to be?”

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“We believe that Trust is the new KPI which will reshuffle the Fortune 500,” said Rodger Desai, Founder and CEO of Payfone. “Companies who figure out how to trust more people online and transact with them quickly and conveniently are going to grow more rapidly than those who don’t. That’s what we deliver through our Trust Platform and award-winning Trust Score.”

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Desai commented that “the bottom line is that the Payfone Trust Platform facilitates commerce by making it easier for consumers to do business with brands, and easier for enterprises to provide an optimal user experience to the vast majority of their customers.”

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Payfone is the world’s leading digital identity authentication network. Our award-winning next-generation Trust Platform validates identities and enables enterprises to deliver fast, frictionless, and fraud-free customer experiences to over 90% of their customers. Payfone closes the ‘trust gap’ and issues a real-time proprietary Trust Score for 6 of the top 10 financial institutions, and leading healthcare, insurance, technology and retail companies. Learn more at and

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