Welcome to the New World, a world that is personal and secure with frictionless access to information and services tailored to the individual.  Through the perfect balance between convenience and security, identity certainty enables businesses to enhance productivity and the customer experience.  


Remove friction from each and every interaction, whether it’s enabling secure access to sensitive business data or recognizing that your most valuable customer just walked in, with a solution that requires no downloads, agents or IT intervention. 


Experience the same level of security Mobile Network Operators utilize to protect their mobile networks with Mobile Network Operator credentials, analogous to government issued credentials.  Payfone is the one solution that extends this capability to businesses.


Businesses can now have confidence in enabling services with an always-on layer of protection that is invisible to the individual and operates seamlessly across CDMA, GSM, and LTE networks regardless of device or device operating system.


Introducing the Payfone Signature Mobile Identity Platform, a seamless method of adding trust to each and every interaction with identity certainty.  It's the one solution loved by CIOs, CFOs, CEOs and, most importantly, employees and customers.



Identity Certainty Authentication

Signature Authentication provides a real-time, always-on, invisible layer of protection with perhaps the most effective feature – no change is required to an individual’s daily behavior.  With no downloads or IT intervention required, the user interacts with the mobile website or mobile app as usual and the network does the rest.  It’s the first step in creating a more personal, secure, frictionless experience.


Identity Certainty Sign Up - Check Out

Signature Sign Up authenticates and verifies individuals in real time leveraging Tier 1 Mobile Network Operators to auto-populate forms with name, address, and email address to expedite access to employer applications or sign up forms for consumer applications.  Identity certainty eliminates an average of 200 keystrokes during a typical sign up or on-boarding process for a truly frictionless experience.

Signature Checkout takes Signature Sign Up one step further with the addition of displaying payment credentials on file provided by the Mobile Network Operator with individual consent, allowing the individual to focus more on the purchase and less on the transaction.



Signature Verification allows businesses to verify a name and address provided by the individual.  Data is matched with data on file with the Mobile Network Operator, establishing an accurate baseline for mobile-related intelligence.  Signature Verification monitors and audits mobile change events within and between all mobile networks with a real-time connection to the Mobile Network Operator to corroborate that an application or service is in fact interacting with the correct individual.

Call Center

The phone number on file with a business often is outdated or incorrect.  With information validated by the Mobile Network Operators, businesses now can determine whether their customers’ mobile numbers are accurate and whether the accounts are still active in real time before attempting to contact customers while avoiding regulatory issues and fines.

Travel Notices

Eliminate frustrating declines and blocked access when your individuals are traveling abroad.  As soon as an individual lands in a foreign country and turns on his or her mobile device, Payfone pushes a notification directly to businesses to ensure a secure frictionless experience. 

Burner Phones

Payfone's deep integration with the Mobile Network Operators allows the collection of insights that are transformed into practical business applications – from individual eligibility to access data and services to criminal attempts to hijack, clone, spoof or hack individual devices, including “burner” phones – to protect each and every interaction with your business.