Through a deep integration with Tier 1 Mobile Network Operators, Payfone’s Identity Certainty Platform extends to businesses the same security used by Mobile Network Operators to authenticate and identify subscribers within their mobile networks.

Network Authentication provides a real-time, always-on, invisible layer of protection with perhaps the most effective feature – no change is required to an individual’s daily behavior.  With no downloads or IT intervention required, once an individual provides consent to device authentication, the network does the rest.

From Authentication to Revocation (aka “The Kill Switch”), Payfone’s Identity Certainty Platform provides frictionless, secure and personal interaction each and every time.


As people increasingly turn to their mobile devices, at a time when their privacy and very identity are under constant assault, every interaction with a mobile device will need to be authenticated.

Whether it’s an employee using their own device to access sensitive data or an individual accessing their private photos in the cloud, achieving the perfect balance between convenience and security has never been more important.

Operating behind the Mobile Network Operators firewall, Payfone’s Identity Certainty Platform is immune to modern day security threats – cloning, hijacking, malware, social engineering to viruses, bots and man-in-the-middle attacks – to ensure each and every interaction is secure.