Network Revocation (aka the "KILL SWITCH") is a real-time, fail-safe measure that safeguards intellectual property, sensitive information and, most importantly, a business’s reputation.

Through Payfone’s deep integration with Mobile Network Operators, Payfone’s Identity Certainty Platform enables businesses to take advantage of the natural tendency to call or visit a Mobile Network Operator when a mobile device is lost or stolen.  Payfone’s Kill Switch automatically revokes and terminates access to apps and services in real time, upon account suspension or new device activation.

Businesses now can convey one simple message to their employee to ensure 100% security compliance: call or go to your Mobile Network Operator if your mobile device is lost or stolen.  The most effective aspect of the KILL SWITCH is that no change in an individual’s behavior is required.  Once reported to the Mobile Network Operator, the mobile network does the rest.