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A real-time personalized Trust Score for every customer

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Validate identities, build trust and drive higher customer satisfaction with instant, invisible and inclusive digital experiences.

Great CX requires a new trust & security model that is Instant, Invisible, and Inclusive.

Leverage Payfone’s global Phone Intelligence technology and Trust Score™ for unique data and analytics that enable you to verify your customers’ identities in a private, low-friction manner. Bypass or minimize annoying security questions, impossible-to-remember passwords, and clumsy text pincodes to thwart synthetic identities, SIM swap (account takeovers), and call center fraud while enhancing every step of your customers’ journey.

Featured Use Cases

  • identity verification

    Protect your call center against ANI spoofing and increase ANI match rate

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  • mobile authentication

    Thwart SIM swap fraud and account takeovers

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  • mobile authentication

    Optimize your telehealth solution with fast-tracked identity verification and onboarding

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  • Pre-fill long forms to speed up customer acquisition

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  • Stay ahead of TCPA regulations and ever-changing phone data

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Award-Winning Technology

  • deloitte-fast-500-2019
  • identity verification
  • identity verification
  • identity verification

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130 patented claims, patented Trust Platform & Trust Score.

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