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Did You Know?: McKinsey Research Shows 85% of Consumers Have High Levels of Identity Authenticity

June 12, 2019
McKinsey, payfone, pass rate, identity verification, Identity Authentication

85% of consumers have the necessary depth and consistency for businesses to determine the authenticity of their identities, according to McKinsey.

So why is there still so much fraud and so many annoying customer experiences that slow us down and prevent us from transacting?

The main culprit is that most companies only have the ability to identify up to 40% of the good guys. Payfone’s identity authentication provides enterprises with the ability to “greenlight” or “pass” close to 85% of customers without friction or step-up authentication processes, while stopping the <5% of fraudsters. We do this through our Trust Score™ and persistent, tokenized ID, which pull together and synthesize identity signals from a diverse network of authoritative identity verifiers in a private and secure manner. This gives our clients a more complete snapshot of customer identities and improved pass rates.

The research also highlights the importance of deep and consistent identity information when it comes to detecting synthetic identities:

“Rather than using a stolen credit card or identity (ID), many fraudsters now use fictitious, synthetic IDs to draw credit. Indeed, by our estimates, synthetic ID fraud is the fastest-growing type of financial crime in the United States, accounting for 10 to 15 percent of charge-offs in a typical unsecured lending portfolio. Instances of synthetic ID fraud have also recently been reported in other geographies. More worrying still, much bigger losses are building up behind these IDs like hidden time bombs.”

The report goes on to describe the other benefits of determining identity authenticity:

“If armed with similar scoring systems, banks could ascertain whether an applicant’s profile looked real. They could then instantly extend credit, perhaps limited, to those applicants with high depth and consistency scores. They could even offer higher initial credit limits than would normally be the case for first loans, since low-risk applicants could be distinguished from high-risk ones.”

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