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Did You Know? Digital transactions should be as easy as making a phone call

July 10, 2019
payfone, tearsheet, podcast, identity authentication, digital identity, digital trust

It is now possible. Payfone assigns a real time personalized Trust Score to every consumer.

Listen to (or read about) a just released podcast with Tearsheet and Rodger Desai, CEO of Payfone to hear how using telecom and other signals, Payfone yields up to 73% higher verification rates, which turn into high consumer pass rates and enrollments.

Tearsheet’s Zack Miller breaks it down for you in a new podcast. Rodger discusses some of the top challenges businesses are facing today and how they are solving them with advanced digital identity authentication. He also shares insights on how to measure digital identity ROI, and a new report published by Aite Group about why diversified signals are key to higher identity verification rates.

Listen to the new Tearsheet podcast here.