Payfone is the leader in digital identity authentication for the connected world.

We are trusted by the world's largest banks, insurers, brokerages and technology companies to enable effortless customer experiences by instantly authenticating new user account openings, mobile and web logins, text and chat sessions, and inbound and outbound call center calls.

It’s all done through our patented platform, Lotus, which dynamically analyzes millions of digital signals against multiple authentication factors to generate proprietary Trust Scores for mobile identities—the only measure of mobile and digital trust of its kind on the market today.

In addition to the world’s fastest authentication methods and the US’s deepest coverage of mobile and phone identity data, Payfone offers unrivaled security that is immune to social engineering attacks and can identify and thwart fraudsters at the front door. With Payfone, companies can fast-track their legitimate customers to the VIP lane and shift time and expense away from cumbersome and ineffective authentication processes to focus on customer service and sales.


The Lotus Trust Score

Payfone's Trust Score provides a measurement of the reliability and risk of each mobile device. Lotus calculates a Trust Score for every mobile identity that Payfone manages (over 750,000,000 in the US). We process hundreds of unique types of signals such as phone number tenure, phone account type, velocity of change events and phone location, along with millions of daily successful authentications from authoritative sources such as Tier 1 banks.


Payfone vs. Other Authentication Methods

Other methods offer assurance at the cost of speed or vice versa. Payfone eliminates that tradeoff.


Assurance: The measure of how protected a transaction is:
- Preventing unauthorized access
- Ensuring transactions are legitimate

Speed: How fast and easy-to-use the authenticator is:
- Reducing the time taken to complete a transaction
- Minimizing user involvement in a transaction

Immune to Social Engineering

Social engineering - the manipulation of individuals into divulging confidential or personal information through phishing attacks and other methods of deception - is one of the most prevalent threats against digital security today. However, most authentication solutions fail to address this increasingly common form of fraud. It is dangerously easy for fraudsters to circumvent some of the “strongest” factors of authentication (RSA tokens, for example) by deceiving the account owner or a call center representative into granting them account access. Unlike other authentication solutions, Payfone instantly detects instances of social engineering, and locks fraudsters out before they can do any harm.