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Powerful identity verification solutions for every step of your customer journey

Reduce friction and fraud with smoother, more secure customer experiences across your mobile, web, and call center channels

We help companies:

  • Open Accounts for New Customers

    • Identity Verification  
    • Prove Pre-Fill

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  • Authenticate Existing Customers Across Channels

    Call Center
    • Spoofed Call Detection
    • Inbound Number Verification

    Digital (Mobile, PC, Tablet)
    • Login (Multi-factor Authentication)

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  • Prevent Fraud Across Channels

    • Identity Verification
    • High-Risk Transactions

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Phone intelligence: The key to mitigating risk without increasing friction

Payfone’s phone intelligence synthesizes and analyzes a robust set of phone and mobile signals to deliver unparalleled identity insight for the purposes of identity verification, identity authentication, and fraud prevention.
If you think about how many people have mobile phones, how long they have had them, and how often they use them, it’s clear why signals from mobile phones provide the most detailed, longitudinal (repeated observation or examination over time) view of a consumer’s digital footprint. Because this digital footprint is composed of so many different signals over such a long period of time and with such frequency, it is highly correlated with the identity and trustworthiness of the associated consumer.

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Instant, Invisible, Inclusive

Unlike legacy identity verification methods such as knowledge-based authentication, Payfone’s solutions are:

  • Instant

    Real-time response in milliseconds

  • Invisible

    Works in the background for a seamless customer experience

  • Inclusive

    Highest coverage of customers including “thin-file”, Gen Z, VoIP, landline, pre-paid, householding