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Powerful Solutions Create Trusted Digital Experiences

Through the Payfone Trust Platform, we provide a powerful foundation that helps enterprises create effortless digital customer experiences across all channels.

Accurate contact information is critical to drive customer trust and engagement. Most companies have valid mobile numbers for only 30%-40% of their customers.

All companies currently face the following challenges:

  • No mobile number.

    You don’t have a mobile number for your customer at all.

  • Valid or invalid?

    There is no way to know whether the phone number you have is still valid.

  • New phone number.

    50 million Americans change their phone numbers each year.


Engage with your customers effectively & confidently by knowing you have their most accurate mobile phone numbers. The Payfone Trust Platform empowers forward-looking enterprises to:

  • Verify

    Verify your existing customer information to ensure that you can engage with them more effectively and without violating TCPA regulations.

  • Append

    Append missing information to build more complete digital identities for close to 90% of customers.

  • Create

    Create a powerful registry of tokenized IDs for all of your customers that eliminates the need to pass personal information each time you interact with them.

Powerful Solutions for Every Channel

Proven results for leading enterprises.

Let us help you reach your goals with an innovative Trust Platform that enables you to extend faster, frictionless and fraud-free experiences to all of your customers.