Payfone's Trust Score is the most complete real-time snapshot of identity confidence on the market. Used by Fortune 100 clients ranging from top banks to leading retailers and health insurance companies, The Trust Score analyzes digital signals from a wide array of trusted sources to give you assurance that it's really your customer on the other end of a digital transaction.

  • Omni-channel: Functions across mobile app, mobile web, voice (call center), PCs and tablets to authenticate account openings, logins, text and chat sessions, and inbound and outbound call center calls
  • Decentralized: Multiple, differentiated sources to inform and verify identity
  • Works through consumers' mobile phones so there is no app needed and nothing to download
  • No consumer data is stored
  • Stronger identity confidence allows enterprises to extend more services and conveniences to consumers immediately without tenuring
  • Thwarts account takeover and impersonation attacks; Impervious to social engineering
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