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Boost customer satisfaction and retention by enabling incredible digital experiences with our award-winning modular Trust Platform.

Trust Matters.

Experts predict that Trust will reshuffle the Fortune 500. Why? Trust allows companies to enable the exceptionally easy and secure digital experiences that today’s customers crave and expect. This means happier customers and better retention.

identity verification
Instead of relying on static, hackable methods such as passwords, security questions and SMS passcodes…
identity verification
The Payfone Trust Score analyzes real-time digital signals from a multitude of sources.
identity verification
To generate a dynamic score that answers the question “Can this customer be trusted?”
Payfone’s recommended thresholds:
Decline recommended
Further inspection recommended
Approve with no friction


Award-Winning Technology

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  • identity verification
  • identity verification
  • identity verification

Let us help you reach your goals with an innovative Trust Platform that enables you to extend faster, frictionless and fraud-free experiences to all of your customers.